Call on the UK government to welcome refugees fleeing Ukraine

A mother and her daughter meet at Medyka border crossing point.

Since February 24, when Russia’s military entered Ukraine and the bombardment began, more than 2 million people have fled across borders. The UK must ensure that people fleeing Ukraine – including non-Ukrainian nationals– are offered sanctuary in the UK. Are you with us? 

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As more and more people flee, the UN is predicting this could fast become the worst humanitarian crisis Europe has seen in decades.

Europe must respond to what is happening in its neighbourhood. There have been positive steps to welcome refugees but with the violence increasing across the country, we must do more. 

The UK has a responsibility to welcome those seeking safety. Join us in calling on the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, to ensure safe passage for people fleeing Ukraine, and for the UK government to work with other countries so that those fleeing the conflict– including non-Ukrainian nationals– are offered sanctuary in Britain.

The UK can choose to welcome refugees; it’s the right decision to make, and will help so many fleeing terror and violence whose lives have been completely destroyed.

Add your name to send the Home Secretary one clear message: refugees welcome, always.

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